Bubble Flow

So some friends and I have been working on a small Unity title for the last 3 weeks. It’s basically an updated, digital version of those old water filled ring toss toys you used to play with as a kid. Well, now we’ve added themes, scoring, time attack modes, and some other features. The game will be done in about 3 weeks, and should be out in hopefully 45 days. Below is the title screen and one of the four themes we’re putting together for this game.

For this project, I did the UI design and art, the scoring design, all the interface art and design, and fleshed out the original idea. In addition, I’m also working on 2 of the 4 themes on the art side, handling particles, and doing the lighting for my levels.

Working in Unity has been a great learning experience. For the last 6 months or so I have been learning c# and java script, and this gave me a good opportunity to put some of that education into action. It’s really pretty cool how fast and easy it is to write gameplay scripts and get them working in game. I was able to prototype a couple of features of the game on my own and this allowed me to vet some ideas before presenting them to the rest of the team. Overall, this will save time as we can write scripts for ourselves to test ideas, without wasting precious programmer time on implementation of features that might not work, or may not be a good fit for the game that we happen to be working on.

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