The video below is test footage for all the creatures, including bosses, that I worked on over the course of this project. This is all pre-alpha state, so keep that in mind as you watch. Each segment is a bit long, but the intention was to show the variety of creatures and the variety of attacks that each creature had, both in an attack loop format, seen in the first video, and a game environment, seen in the second video. The boss videos show the boss fight and some of the environment leading up to the fight. Above each is an explanation of the mechanics of the fight. Working on combat was a blast, and I very much hope to do that again.

Ruin Creature Test: Pre-alpha state. This shows our test attack loops for each creature in the game. This gave us a good way to test animations, VFX, SFX and timings of each creature’s attack routines. : Duration: 6:03

Gameplay: Pre-alpha state. This shows a fairly wide variety of creatures in different environments. Each creature had variations that fit with certain sets of environments. You’ll see the warrior class most often in these clips, along with several of his special moves and a finishing move. Each creature was given a set of behaviors that would adapt to the player class’s favored playing range (from the creature). When you played a melee class you would see one set of behaviors and when you played a ranged class you would see another. : Duration 5:20.

Wyvern Boss Fight: Pre-alpha state. Duration 3:30.

Barghest Boss Fight: Pre-alpha state. Duration 3:30.

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