Ruin (Working Title) AKA Warrior’s Lair: PS3 and PSV

So, finally getting around to updating. There is a ton that I would like to talk about, in terms of challenges, process, and achievements. This will start happening over the next few days, so if you don’t see something that interests you right away, check back soon. Plans over the next few days include a gameplay video, possible narration of the boss fights, but at the very least a write up of each one, and some more in-depth discussion of the assassin class.

On Warrior’s Lair, I was responsible for developing the Assassin Player class, the preliminary design of the Mage Player class, design and implementation of all creatures and boss characters.

Players: Assassin Class Design and first pass implementation and Mage Class Design.

Creatures and Bosses: On this project I was responsible for 24 creatures and 4 bosses. Creature design included reviewing concept art for the creatures, designing all of the attacks, moves, and other behaviors. It also included implementation of the animations, VFX, and SFX that each creatures design document called for. It was an incredible experience

I also worked with our tools programmers to design the modular character (enemies and players) construction system for allowing combat designers to construct creatures and players.

In addition to these later tasks, I also worked closely with the Level Design Lead and our tools programmers to develop our tile-based tools for level construction in our in-house level editor. On the level building front we were able to come up with some very cool improvements for our level layout tools that saved us an incredible amount of time. This allowed the level design team to crank out tons of great content in a very short time.





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