The following screen shots are from the levels I designed or redesigned while working on PAIN for the PS3. Each of these levels were designed with essentially the same philosophy, but each level had its own unique challenges because of geographical or architectural features of each map.

The goal was to create interesting and, more importantly, fun sections and set pieces, and then to be able to connect them through other game mechanics to link these events into a circuitous gameplay arena that allowed the player to experience most of the big events in single run. The paths for the player were circular, for the most part, to allow the player to either remain in a certain scoring area and continue working on his or her scoring run where they were, or to use that particular section to link to another event, allowing the player to chain together areas, creating combos, and also allowing the player to link back into any particular area.

Level Designs for:

  • PAIN (PS3): Movie Studios Add-On

Movie Studios: Top-down View

Movie Studios: Top-down View

  • PAIN (PS3): Sore Spots Add-On

PAIN Reunion: Top-down View

Gym Freeplay 2 Screenshot

PROBE: Top-down View

  • PAIN (PS3): Museum Add-On

Museum: Top-down View

Musem: Knight at the Museum level design

Game Mode Designs for:

  • PAIN (PS3): PAINball Add-On
  • PAIN (PS3): PAIN Pinball Add-On

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