Level Design

I am a game and level designer with 6 years of experience. Throughout my time in games, I have worked on games for the PC, PS3, PS Vita, PS2, and XBox 360. In pursuit of creating entertaining levels, I have used the following engines; Unreal (UDK), Source, Crytek, Unity, Ogre, Torchlight (TorchEd), and the Shadowrun Returns Editor. Level Design and Gameplay Design are my biggest passions and I have cultivated that passion throughout my career by playing games of all types, analyzing those experiences, quantifying them, and applying the best parts of those experiences to my future work.

Throughout my design career, I have done Level Design, Combat Design, Systems Design, and Game Design. This includes design of play spaces, encounters, and boss fights. I have used both node-based and C# scripting extensively in making these encounters immersive, engaging, and challenging for players.

Warrior’s Lair Gameplay Videos -

Pain Gameplay Videos -

Movie Studios: Top-down View

Movie Studios: Top-down View

PAIN Reunion: Top-down View

Gym Freeplay 2 Screenshot

PROBE: Top-down View

Museum: Top-down View

Musem: Knight at the Museum level design

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